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Investment Securities


Security records track prices and other information about the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments that make up your clients' positions.

In SmartOffice, security records are automatically updated with price data from investment data feeds.


Viewing a Security Record

  1. Open a position record (if you forgot how, review the Investment Positions lesson).
  2. Click the name of the security.

  3. When the security detail page opens, note the Symbol, CUSIP, Name, and Price fields, which have been filled in by the data feed.

    Important: While you can change the Name field without interfering with automatic updates, do not change the CUSIP field. This is the field that the data feed looks for when updating prices.

  4. Click the Price History content link to see the all of the price updates.
  5. To see all positions that your clients have in the security, click the Investment Security Positions tab.

Managing Variable Annuity Securities

Variable annuities are a special type of security in SmartOffice. While viewing a variable annutiy security, click the Subaccounts content link to see a list of available subaccounts in that security.

You'll see a Subaccounts tab with content links and buttons that you can use to view details about each subaccount.